You are invited to explore your infinite possibilities through

Intrinsic Works!

A vast wealth of gifts, resources and stellar potential exists in each of us.

What are my gifts? * How do I find them? * How do I use them?

The premise of Intrinsic Works is to enthuse, motivate and stimulate clients to:

  1. Lead with courage, humor, integrity and wisdom
  2. Identify brilliance of instincts, talents and hidden strengths
  3. Expand intuitive problem solving skills
  4. Turn challenges into playful strategies for growth

The mission of Intrinsic Works is to provide practical tools to develop and use intuition, imagination and inspiration with conscious perceptiveness.

Intrinsic Works gets right to the source * your highest self * to access your gifts, talents and strengths to manifest your greatest potential.

Intrinsic Works offers distinctive holistic services for individuals, organizations and parties which include perceptive tarot readings, intuitive guidance and relaxation techniques through Reiki which refresh and energize.  By relaxing your mind, body and senses, Intrinsic Works is able to assist you to be your natural best and do your finest work with ease.

Intrinsic Works leads you to acknowledge your value, claim your gifts and manifest your magnificence with abundance!

The adventure of true discovery awaits!
Let the magic begin!